Update 2022

Hi menders!

Kate Sekules models mendcore
Kate Sekules models #MendCore

I have been shamefully absent from this here blog.

Here's why...

1. I am building a new site

2. This one is on Shopify, which was never the right platform. I'm not selling anything! Aside from a bit of #mendspiration. Which is free

3. The new site had to be abandoned. Long story about long COVID (the developer, poor lamb)

4. A new-new site is under construction

5. It is a Digital Humanities Project (posh website)

6. It includes the long-promised Directory of Menders

7. It is part of my PhD which is on MENDING. I know; there is no such academic field. Until now! (There are related ones though.) More on this presently

8. This PhD is taking a lot of time. Meanwhile I'm on instagram  @visiblemend 

9. There's a whole friendly mending crowd there: please join in if you're not already

10. #MendMarch is coming!

All for now. More to come!

ps Also I've fixed the comments, if you were here earlier and noticed, oops. Canadian Cialis sales are suffering.

pps. #MendCore --it's a thing. Well it should be a thing but we need a child to take it to TikTok

Kate Sekules
Kate Sekules


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Annette Sale
Annette Sale

January 13, 2023

Hi Kate
I’ve just finished your book Mend and I loved it! It’s the type of book I would loved to have written myself! I am a great fan of visible mending – just love the work moths do!
Good luck with you PhD.
Warm regards

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