DRESSCUE (Dress Rescue)

When my friend Sophie bought a farm to turn into a writers’/ illustrators’ retreat she accidentally owned its derelict cottage. This house has history: the family raised seven generations there, a dozen people at a time living in its two bedrooms. They left in 1942.
Sophie was the only person who’d gone inside for over 70 years. This is a very specific kind of heaven, for clothes rescuers who aren’t afraid of no ghost. Sophie had already taken a couple dozen dresses, including a wedding dress. I restricted myself to two, plus some fabric.
After a very careful handwashing in baby shampoo, and air drying (never, ever put vintage in the dryer! The washer on cold and ‘delicates’ you can just about get away with –only, don’t), it was mending time. I used the fabric I’d found–also washed, of course–and rows of running stitch, because that ring around the collar was permanent. Here’s the result.

Kate Sekules
Kate Sekules


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April 14, 2020

Great story!! I would have loved to check out such old leavings. Love your collar!

Dagmar Karppi
Dagmar Karppi

March 15, 2020

I just love what you have done. I recently threw out a plaid shirt with a few holes in it…Never again.
And I love the floral patches. They make it a whole new thing… as does the stitching on the collar. years ago I cut the
collars off and turned the neckline into a “Nerhu” type neckline. You rock!
It reminds me of the 70s, when we all wore creative clothing. hugs… dagmar

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