Let It Show!

Old clothes aren't worn out, they’re opportunities! 

And mending ain't what it used to be  

No longer is it drudgery, or lowly "women's work".

(You've come a long way, baby.)

Here at Visible Mending we've got all the ideas, instruction, info and supplies you need to inspire you to thread the needle and repair everything in sight. (We've also got the world's best VMers to do it for you if you want the look but not the work.*)

We aim to spread the stitchery love.

To inspire you to darn with verve and nerve and glaringly obvious thread

 Because stitching is a radical act

It says: I squandered time on something unnecessary.

It says: I value things. I tend. I care.

vivienne westwood wool bondage dress with holesstitching a visible mend with an embroidery hoopvivienne westwood bondage dress visible mend detail

When clothes were precious, we had to sew.

Now, we purge, we declutter, we dump.


How much do we dump? 

Lay our discarded textiles end to end, and we'd reach the sun


If we continue to shop like this...

...it's not going to end well.

So don't buy more stuff, tend what you've got. 

 And wear your mends out and proud!

Two visibly mended armpits

*Commissions are coming soon
banner photographs: Cathy Crawford