Visible Mending is Growing...

I launched this site in 2015. It was niche then, but now mending is trending.

The problem with that is that trends generally end. But visible mending has infinite variety; we don't have to get tired of any one look. So maybe we should retitle it "codesign".

  • Codesign with the producers--the factory workers and original designers.

  • Codesign with our own wardrobes and style.

  • Codesign with the damage makers: the moth, the mouse, the nail & splinter, the rips and splatters and plain old time. 

Codesign is mending with verve and nerve and glaringly obvious thread, to value and preserve what you already have.

Because mending is a radical act.

The Opposite of Hate is Mending sweater

When textile was precious, we had to sew.

Now, we declutter, dump, donate.

A clothesline of our discarded textiles would reach the sun IN 15 MONTHS

That won't end well.

So don't buy more, tend what you've got. 

 And wear your mends out and proud!

banner photographs: Cathy Crawford