Much to my surprise I love Instagram. I feel connected to you, mend crew, and we're growing! So I thought I'd do #MendMarch with daily prompts. You simply find something in your mending pile --or street, forest, store, museum, cat basket, wherever --that fits the day's theme, however loosely. Then tag it #MendMarch so we can all share. Here's my instagram

Do one, do thirty-one, it's all good. Don't be literal if you're not feeling it, but do play along! I want to meet ALL you Visible Menders.

I'll repost my favorites--oh and there's a PRIZE. My total number one fave will get a goodie bag of prime pieces from my vintage supply collection, scroll down to see. Actually I'll add loads more to it, but it's a start. 

Because March, all in betweeny and blustery, no better M-month for mending. Oh: one rule: Make it Visible. 

Happy March Mending! 


Kate Sekules
Kate Sekules


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May 25, 2024

My first year participating and I’m really excited! Such a great idea! I’m getting projects from friends and family so I have something to work on all month. So far, I have returned 4 items back into use, and have another 4 waiting. Plus, my nephew is giving me 3 sweatshirts tomorrow to work on too! That makes 11 thus far!

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