Meditating can be hard: getting around to it, staying with it, not-thinking during it, fidgeting, foot going numb. Then I realized: sewing with total attention is almost the same--and it shrinks the mending pile too. I need permission to mend, since it is such a joy (I know that's insane), and so here's my excuse. Menditate!

This is my first ever crochet mend. It's crazy crochet, like crazy paving, since there was no pattern and I made it up as I went along. I have not picked up a hook for (redacted) years, but crochet turns out to be a fantastic meditative practice. Keeping the right yarn tension worked splendidly on my brain tension, as I joined up the knots--which is what crochet amounts to. As long as I held the hook comfortably, had enough light, and wore my very close-up glasses, it sort of worked itself. 

Now back to my menditation pile...


crochet mend close up visible mending

Kate Sekules
Kate Sekules


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March 14, 2020

How can I learn to do this? I really want to learn how. Its beautiful too.


March 02, 2018

I love this, I almost want a hole in my sweater to try the technique

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