"Populism" -- bigotry and hatred-- spreads like headlice in a kindergarten as we dread the first orange POTUS, and witness (this morning) two seven-year-olds detonate themselves in a Nigerian marketplace. 
And all I want to do is sew up holes in clothes.

 We can't mend the world with a needle but, honestly, a bit of stitchery helps. As I attack my mending pile, I feel my own horror of the news subsiding. Sewing, like knitting, swimming and sex, has a hypnotic rhythm; soothing, absorbing, constructive.  As vedic teacher Thom Knoles said about the election:

"Leaders" are the mirror of the average state of collective consciousness. What we can do is raise the average; be personally exemplary of a higher consciousness state.
And so I repair things in amusing ways, with intensity and care, thus mending my consciousness state and unpicking the gloom and despair that descended on November 9th. I like to remember that the one thing Trump can't stand is being ignored. Being in my sewing place is my surest way of doing that. In our mending circle, politics is paused. We're not ignoring the times: we are activists. But while we're mending, we're mending. 

Kate Sekules
Kate Sekules


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October 05, 2020

call on people who have fallen into serious illnesses would have helped them to have many poor people and have the illness to help you if you could not help them to help them thank you very much
it is important to be united for the economy of our country and to develop it so that we can and will have peace of mine for the earth thank you

October 05, 2020

we walked one day on the road with a spiked nail so my feet broke up after a rainy and dark road so I did not see him so very sore my legs and forced me to go to the doctor and pacheck up buti and ok that
the disturbance of our world because of people differently believed to be massacre and robbery could not be accommodated to ourselves and our world because if we did not fix it for the children they might even be affected all the things we do when we are not thankful for reading the site I hope you understand what I want to come to you

October 05, 2020

When I was young I loved to dance when I came and really enjoyed my dance and my friends had a lot of friends because of their color my life
I’ll eat it today if it’s a bad weather today because of the storm and can not drain my laundry properly and it’s definitely going to get rid of my laundry because it’s not going to be so late tomorrow

October 05, 2020

My grandfather and grandmother are happy with your family especially if your grandma and grandmother care about me because my grandfather and grandmother love to miss my mom
When I’m not doing that I’m thinking of a good thing to do to make it even harder than myself to do my own work and home hard work that even when you’re in trouble

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