Woolfilling Is SO Easy

Excuse me, this is not news to real crafters, but wool filling a.k.a. needle felting. What? The single easiest way to VM ever. And what fun! You get to stab a thing repeatedly, so if you're harbouring grudges or feeling bitchy, get out your holey knits immediately. True, you need to stock up on supplies, but this stuff lasts forever, and is available for small money. My pack of high quality wool roving with 45 colors each in its own dinky little baggie was about $12. I do recommend a multi-needle felting tool since one single needle will take forever. This is by Clover and it's excellent. Then you need a self-healing foam cushion. This lot will reverse the damage of an entire collection, universe or whisper of moths (apparently there's some dispute over the collective noun); I've a few years of stabbing ahead. 

I may even get better at it. This is my first attempt and it's... average. 

Techniques and Materials

Woolfilling/ Needlefelting

Wool Roving

Felting needle

Self healing foam cushion


Collections: Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend

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