Hilarious Selfie Patch

Before there was Fast Fashion, there were cheapo stores on Broadway in Soho that now seem paragons of good practices: these pants are made-in-USA of good quality stretch rayon velvet and despite 100s of machine washings are still in good nick. They're comforting and comfortable and an excellent deep navy and feature a pocket of my own making. So when I slipped on the ice and ripped the knee I wanted to give them a nice personal mend. I mean: literally. 

I printed my face on plain white cotton from an old sheet, snipped the hole to fit, backed it with a bit of t-shirt, stitched the whole thing together, then framed it with eyelet stitch. 


Call me juvenile, but I think it's funny. 

Techniques and Materials


Eyelet stitch

Old sheet

Old t-shirt

Bubblejet printer

Dye fixative

Collections: Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend

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