H&L Collar & Cuffs

I am pleased as punch to announce that Hand & Lock, the 250-year-old embroidery maestri (the company not the sewers, duh) are now turning their Hands to Visible Mending. In fact, I do believe that this here is their very first mending job. They are way too grand for mending! Their normal jacket sewing is more like that in the second and third photos here, elaborate military goldwork and similar techniques applied to couture (this is Burberry's). Seen the royal insignia? That is Hand & Lock. They are by Royal Appointment. 

Anyway I gave them my favorite ancient early-1970s white denim zippered jacket, German in origin and of no value to anyone but me. And this is what they did--a little landscape in silver silk overlaid with cross stitching, satin stitch and French knots in a gorgeous tonal palette. Needless to say I adore it. Soon you'll be able to order your own H&L VM. I know! Insane!

Techniques and Materials


Cross stitch

Satin Stitch

French Knots

Single strand floss

Collections: Mends, Visible Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend

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