Unsuccessful First VM

Well it's the first one I did that I still own. I was about 18 when this kingfisher blue silk shantung shirt started to split along the grain and I had the idea to mend it in colors. Colors! I used ordinary cotton thread in a buttonhole stitch, and liked the result. Of course it didn't work at all because the frankensteins just put extra stress on the already very unhappy fabric, causing more splits. This one's beyond redemption because when rough silk goes, it really goes. (But if you HAD to do a redeeming VM on this, it would have to be some serious patching-- behind or on top.)

Still, when I found this in the vaults, I felt smug that I'd "invented" VM so very very VERY long ago. 

Techniques and Materials


Cotton thread

Collections: Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend


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