Bridget Harvey

The single most recognizable icon of visible mending is Bridget Harvey's MEND MORE Jumper. Londoner Bridget is the first Doctor of Mending, thanks to her PhD dissertation completed in 2019, titled “Repair-Making: Craft, Narratives, Activism,” but this activist-scholar-teacher-feminist-artist calls herself simply maker.  The sweater, which featured in the 2018–19 Fashioned from Nature exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, where Bridget was an artist in residence, was born as a 2015 London climate march placard. Made of fabric scraps appliqued onto a large purple acrylic sweater, Bridget says, "with its humanlike form, it speaks about clothes and people. It’s saying, ‘We mend, join us!’"

Collections: Menders

Type: mender

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