11 Reasons to VM

   1. ATTENTION: VM requires and teaches presence

   2. UNIQUENESS: Makes any old thing special 

   3. CONNECTION: Mend with a friend. You'll thank us

   4. MONEY: It's cheap. It's worthless. It's Priceless

      5. FEMINISMRebirth for humble domestic drudgery 

  6. MINDFULNESS*: Meditation with needle and thread

  7. RESPECT: Bond with whoever made your clothes

  8. TIME: Sewing creates time. Try it, you'll see

      9. SECURITY: That feeling when the hole's fixed

  10. HISTORY: Honor our ancestral stitchers

   11. FASHION: Be the trend      


* If the aim is to be empty of mind stuff, thought-free, isn't it mindLESSness?