Anglomania Punk

RIP Queen of Punk. I love my Vivienne Westwood early-90s sort-of-bondage dress, all asymmetrical in charcoal wool jersey with mysterious webbing straps that sort of get in the way but are sort of cool. Then it came out of summer with some moth attack. So I thought I'd reflect its heritage with punkish motifs.

I reinforced the worst, right, shoulder with facing--old t shirt--then worked some safety pins in gold and silver twine with couching. Extra holes got scarlet exes, and I running stitched the whole area in rows of white, with kingfisher blue blanket stitch defining the neckline. Still not done with the holes, I used the same colors to work a sprinkling of God's eyes on the chest, and more in the back. Finally, some more sashiko pickstitch to define the back holes. And now I really love it. 

Techniques and Materials



Running Stitch

God's eyes

Gold & silver braid

Six strand floss

Old t-shirt


Collections: Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend

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