Feminist Needles. Not

I found these 1970s Virginia Slims adverts thinly disguised as needle books a whole lot funnier before the 2016 election. Still. Hard to resist a mixed message in your sewing kit.

"It used to be that men had the problem of women's rights all sewed up" says the one with the cops arresting the lady in Edwardian bathing dress. Or: "It used to be a woman's life was just so-so" says the one with the sad Victorian scullery maid.  I feel the famous ancient tagline "You've come a long way, baby" falls short of countering these statements--especially when the hard won right is to smoke cigarettes. Baby. 

"It used to be that men would needle women who smoked in public," says the third book, punning even more hilariously. However, the outfits are excellent, and the West German made needles are even better.

"Women's Rights" has four heavy duty specialist needles officially for upholstery, sailmaking and packing, but in fact are invaluable for heavier fabrics, leather and suede, sewing with twine or thick wool, and for awkward corners. 

"Just So-So" and "Men Needle Women" have an assortment of sharps, darners, crewel and tapestry needles, plus a threader. 

I have given loads of these away, but the rest I guard jealously; you can see why.


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