Selection of Vintage Trim

I like to have many and various bits of trim to hand, not for the traditional use of edging, but more for attaching in middles, covering or highlighting holes and generally for playing. Vintage pieces are so much nicer--better made, sometimes by hand, often in cotton or silk rather than nylon or polyester, and generally possessing old-stuff mojo. 

These four are grouped because they're pretty together, though they don't have much in common. Well, the top two do: both are hand-crocheted white cotton lace, I should think by the same maker since I found them together, definitely pre-1920s, probably mid-late 19th century, with the charming small irregularities typical of hand worked lace. The top one 1.5 inches at the widest point; the scalloped edging is three-quarter inches wide. 

Then there's a half-inch taupe cotton machine lace edging, and a two-inch French blue glossy rayon upholstery fringe that's fun for attaching to the hem of jeans. And whatever else you can think up for it. 

They are priced by the foot, wide discrepancy in cost reflecting wide discrepancy in rarity, age and quality. 

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