Wool & Chintz

I got this Golden Goose cardi (cult brand, made in Venice, very pricey) in a consigment place in a quaint market town in East Anglia, then promptly forgot it at my sister's. Where very hungry moths chewed tiny holes all over it. Since there were big areas and it was beige, I cut out panels from this very fancy pastel glazed chintz fabric depicting what you could call Venetian pastoral scenes (you could call them that, but they are not), and appliquéd them on, then did random embroidery in black, not only to mess them up, but also to secure the patches. Further holes got addressed with exes in the hairiest messiest black wool I could find. It is now punked up to my liking. 

Techniques and Materials


Blanket Stitch

Chain Stitch

French Knots


Upholstery Chintz

Black cotton thread

Black angora yarn

Collections: Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend

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