Unaccountably Beloved Tee

This black rayon tee with a broderie anglaise back is, for not quite understood reasons, my very favorite thing. I don't even know who made it--some random Italian label. It was fragile in the first place, so when the lacy part wore out in the predictable underarm region, I feared the end was nigh. But the end wasn't! I did a botchy underpatch with extras. Actually it was my first, so it went messy, but I actually like messy (you may have guessed). The silk is an Indian marbled scarf I've had all my life, and the stitching is in regular cotton thread. Completed VM makes me feel secure, and this one works particularly well in the security area. 

Techniques and Materials



Eyelet stitch

Hand dyed silk

Cotton thread

Collections: Mends, Visible Mends

Type: mend

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